Airlaunch Hybrid Cloud Solution

Airlaunch Hybrid Cloud Solution
Photo by Austin Park / Unsplash

Our platform is based on Apache Airflow and scales automatically in the cloud. So you only pay for what you really use and have no operational overhead.

But what if your data sources are not accessible from the Internet? Examples include on-premise databases, on-premise devices or cloud resources that are only accessible via corporate VPN for security reasons.

We have developed the Airlaunch Local Worker for you to seamlessly integrate so you can integrate your sensitive on-premise data sources into your data flow. Without compromising on security.

What is the Airlaunch Local Worker?

The Airlaunch Local Worker is an Apache Airflow Worker that runs where you need it: on premise in your factory, in the cloud provider of your choice or on the premises of your IT service provider.

The Airlaunch Local Worker seamlessly integrates into your Airlaunch deployment. So you can manage and monitor from the Airflow UI in the cloud.

What about security?

Security is our top priority. The Local Worker is therefore developed without compromising your network firewalls and IT secirity:

  1. Outgoing Only Connection:
    All communication with the Airlaunch Cloud originates from the local worker, never from the Airlaunch Cloud. So there is no need to open ports for incoming connections to your network.
  2. State of the Art Encryption:
    All communication is encrypted and authenticated with Mutual TLS.

Test it now!

Test the platform today for free or contact us for a free demo. We look forward to achieving your data goals with you!