Use Case: Customer 360 View

Use Case: Customer 360 View
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In marketing, it is critical that all interactions between your company and the customer are included in your data analysis. Having all of a customer's interactions a click away is called a Customer 360 View.
This goal can only be achieved if all the data you collect in your company can be regularly brought together and reliably analyzed. This places the highest demands on the flexibility and performance of your data infrastructure.

The Challenge

Let's imagine the fictitious company "Pedaleria", which sells bicycles in an online store and in two physical outlets. The customer has countless possible points of contact with "Pedaleria":

  • Mailchimp Email Campaigns
  • Posts on Facebook Page
  • Advertising on Facebook or Google
  • Shopping in the Shopify online store
  • In-store shopping
  • Zendesk for Customer Support
  • ....etc.

Connecting all these data silos regularly and reliably, making it available centrally in a data warehouse (Snowflake, Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift....) is a challenge.

To do this in a simple way, a flexible data solution is needed that can extract and process this data and reliably automate and operationalize these tasks.

The solution: ETL with the Airlaunch platform

The Airlaunch platform is built on Apache Airflow. Apache Airflow offers us exactly the features we need:

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with all popular data sources and data sinks
  • The full flexibility of Python to transform your data exactly how you need it
  • Reliable and simple automation and monitoring

Airlaunch combines the benefits of Apache Airflow with all the advantages of a managed cloud platform:

  • Autoscaling in the cloud, the solution grows with your needs
  • Pay per use: Pay for what you really use and nothing more
  • No effort for operations and related costs
  • Data protection compliance: All data is hosted and managed in Switzerland

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