Use Case: Industry 4.0

Use Case: Industry 4.0
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Making use of data in the industrial environment is rapidly becoming more and more important. It opens up great opportunities and possibilities for more efficient and sustainable production and can help to produce customized products for customers.

An integrated and holistic use of production data is the basis to achieve these goals.

The Challenge

However, the utilization of industrial data comes with many challenges:

  • Data is generated at numerous points in the production process and is not available centrally
  • Production machines are in use for many years and therefore often do not support the latest IT and data standards
  • Machines are on internal networks and not accessible from the Internet

In many cases, modernizing plants to make them "Industry 4.0 ready" involves high investments that are not possible, at least in the short to medium term.

The Solution: Airlaunch Hybrid Cloud

Our data integration platform, powered by Apache Airflow, is designed to solve these challenges and to make integral use of data in such a challenging environment.

With Apache Airflow, data can be reliably and automatically extracted from the various machines, analyzed and centrally stored in a data warehouse of your choice. Airflow is a proven and widely used workflow solution that makes long-term operationalization of your data analytics a breeze.

Since Apache Airflow is based on Python, the flexibility of this programming language is available to you. This enables the use of a wide variety of data interfaces and formats, such as OPC UA or csv files. All without any changes to your production machines.

To solve network and security challenges, we have developed the Airlaunch Local Worker. It can be installed internally on your industrial network and is capable of connecting data transfers from your local environment to the cloud or other on-premise installations without compromising security. Opening your network to the outside is no longer necessary with this approach maximizing security and flexibility.

Integrating the Airlaunch Local Worker enables you to break down data silos, bring all your machine data into a central data warehouse and enables you to utilize your data end to end. With Predictive maintenance, outlier detection, business intelligence or whatever your data strategy is.

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