Data Pipelines
for python developers

Powered by Apache Airflow


Data Warehouse
for real-time analytics

Powered by Apache Druid


Business Intelligence
for the whole organization

Powered by Apache Superset


More Time

Stability, security and scalability by us

More Control

Code-based data workflows with CI/CD and Monitoring

More Flexibility

Integrations with all data sources and environments


Realize Business Intelligence

Continuously combine data from all kinds of sources. Understand correlations and decide consistently based on data.

Operationalize Machine Learning

Keep your AI models constantly up-to-date on the latest data. Retain their long-term value in an automated way.

Organize Data Engineering

Develop on a stable and flexible infrastructure. Maintain control over your data processes centrally and collaboratively.

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Break down data silos and integrate your various data sources

Our building block include integrations for popular databases and cloud services out of the box and allow for extensive customizing options. In this way, data pipelines of any kind may be created fast and reliably.

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Develop data pipelines with code in Python without limitations

Use the language and libraries you already know. Realise even complex workflows with python and all available packages. Monitor these scheduled processes in a comprehensive GUI.

Code DAG
Code Programming
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Use the software development cycle for your data processes too

Your whole data infrastructure and pipelines as code. Connect established CI/CD and review practices and practice GitOps / DevOps.

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Combine local environments and the advantages of the cloud

The Airlaunch Skybridge worker enables hybrid pipeline architectures with local servers without allowed access from the outside and public clouds. Get elastic ressources for data processing, while maintaining the highest level of data protection.

Code Skybridge
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Interactive data insights with a very powerful analytics database

Receive insights from large amounts of data without delays. With a database built for analytical workloads in real-time and fast sql queries.


Focus on your results and let us manage the operation and stability of your data infrastructure.


Airlaunch grows dynamically with you. You only pay the resources you actually use with auto-scaling.


Airlaunch is hosted exclusively in Switzerland. Data Privacy and Security are our highest values.


Prevent vendor and clouds lock-ins. Develop with open-source software and stay flexible.


Launch easily with our guidance

We can help you achieve your goals faster and make your jump into data engineering an instant success.

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We are Airlaunch

We have been founded by two passionate and experienced IT and Data Engineers, who wanted to make data infrastructure more accessible and more flexible - to enable every organization to make the most of their data.

Benjamin Staubli, M.Sc. ETH

Daniel Hegglin, M.Sc. UZH

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