Unlock the value
of manufacturing data

Airlaunch enables to you to connect
your factory with data warehouses,
Business Intelligence and AI solutions.

Solve the data silo problem first

Before data can be processed with data analytics tools, one needs a data integration solution. The manufacturing industry faces specific requirements in this area.

  •  Custom machine interfaces
  •  Custom File Formats
  •  Local factory networks behind firewalls

Our Solution

Airlaunch simplifies the deployment of the leading data pipeline solution Airflow and helps to bring data together for further use cases.

  • 1

    Deploy Airlaunch local worker

    The worker connects (outbound-only) to Airflow in the cloud and is able to run tasks locally.

  • 2

    Transport Data with Managed Airflow

    Airflow contains pre-built connectors for popular data sources. Create your own pipelines with python for custom interfaces or formats.

  • 3

    Utilize analytics and AI

    With the data in place, one may now realize use cases like production monitoring, predictive maintenance or outlier detection.

  • network connection solved

  • Data workflow system established

  • Data analytics implementable

connect your factory with the cloud

The Airlaunch Difference

AirlaunchApache AirflowAzure DataFactory
Standard Connectors
Easily extendable
Hybrid Cloud Solution
Fully Managed

Case Study

Let us show you in a demo project about an iron ore plant how Airlaunch can be deployed and what the benefits are of using it.

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